CSRS Palembang

NoNameBatch Training Dates
1Siska Aprianti, SE., M.Si, Ak CABatch 128-29 January 2020
2Maulan Irwadi, SE, M.Si.Ak.CABatch 128-29 January 2020
3H. Chandra Satria SE.M.SiBatch 128-29 January 2020
4Dr. Lesi Hertati, S.E., M.Si., Ak., CA., CTABatch 128-29 January 2020
5Gilang Kartika, S.E., AkBatch 128-29 January 2020
6Drs. RM Rum Hendarmin, Ak., MM., PIA.,CABatch 128-29 January 2020
7Dr. Rela Sari, M.Si., Ak., CABatch 128-29 January 2020
8Anton Indra Budiman, S.E., M.Si., Ak.Batch 128-29 January 2020
9Fachri Syafa'at, A. Md., S.E.Batch 128-29 January 2020
10Sari Mustika Widyastuti, S.E., M.SiBatch 128-29 January 2020
11Dr. Msy. Mikial, S.E., M.Si., Ak., CA.Batch 128-29 January 2020
12Dewi Susilowati , CABatch 28-12 June 2020
13Jansen Rudianto Sinaga, SE MM Ak CA CPA BKP CMABatch 28-12 June 2020
14Dr, Wagimin Hoesly Sendjaja, Ak.,CA.,CMA.,CPA.,ACPABatch 28-12 June 2020
15Anthony Holly, S.E., M.M., Ak., CA., A-CPA, QWP, Asean CPABatch 28-12 June 2020
16Dr. Suwandi Ng, S.E., M.M., AK., CA., CPA.,CPMABatch 28-12 June 2020
17Dr. Fransiskus Eduardus Daromes, SE., M.Si., Akt, CABatch 28-12 June 2020
18Suhaidar, S.E., M.SiBatch 28-12 June 2020
19Karmawan, S.E, M.ScBatch 28-12 June 2020
20Dr. Rulyanti Susi Wardhani. S.E., M.SiBatch 28-12 June 2020
21Anggraeni Yunita, S.E., M.SiBatch 28-12 June 2020
22Erita Rosalina, S.E, M.SiBatch 28-12 June 2020
23Duwi Agustina, S.E, M.ScBatch 28-12 June 2020
24Julia, S.E, M.SiBatch 28-12 June 2020
25Wenni Anggita, S.E, M.SiBatch 28-12 June 2020
26Andy Evans Gunady, S.E.,M.MBatch 28-12 June 2020
27Dr.Agustin Fadjarenie.,M.Ak.,CA.,AkBatch 28-12 June 2020
28Zul Azmi, SE.MSi.Ak.CABatch 28-12 June 2020
29Karmila Dwi Lestari Mutia, SE, M.Ak, Akt, CABatch 28-12 June 2020
30SUYONO, SE, Ak, CA, M.AkBatch 28-12 June 2020
31Zein Ghozali, SE., MM., M.Si., Ak., CABatch 28-12 June 2020
32Muhammad Ichsan SiregarBatch 28-12 June 2020
33Prof. Erlina, SE., M.Si., Ph.D., Ak., CA., CMA., CPA.Batch 28-12 June 2020
34Yulisfan, CABatch 28-12 June 2020
35Agung Wahyudhi Atmanegara, SEBatch 28-12 June 2020
36Tadjuddin,SE.,M.Si.,Ak.,CABatch 28-12 June 2020
37Anis Purwanti NingsihBatch 28-12 June 2020
38AhalikBatch 313-17 July 2020
39Alister Aritonang, SE.MM.Ak.CPA.CTABatch 313-17 July 2020
40Astrid MaharaniBatch 313-17 July 2020
41Bayu Aprillianto, S.E., M.Akun.Batch 313-17 July 2020
42Christina Tri Setyorini, SE,MSi,Ak,CA,PhDBatch 313-17 July 2020
43Dhina Mustika Sari, SE., MSA., Ak., CABatch 313-17 July 2020
44Dr. Carmel Meiden SE MSi Ak CABatch 313-17 July 2020
45Dr. Hj. Musviyanti, SE, M. SiBatch 313-17 July 2020
46Dr. Lin Oktris, MSi, CMABatch 313-17 July 2020
47Dr. Paulus Tangke, S.E., M.Si., Ak., CA.Batch 313-17 July 2020
48Dr. Shelly Febriana Kartasari, SE.M.Si.Ak.CABatch 313-17 July 2020
49Dr. Susilawati Muslimah, MSi, CMABatch 313-17 July 2020
50Dr.Hj.Arna Suryani, SE, M.AK, AK,CABatch 313-17 July 2020
51Fadly Alwahdy, SE., M.Ak.Batch 313-17 July 2020
52Gina Natalia Astasari, S.AkBatch 313-17 July 2020
53HaryeniBatch 313-17 July 2020
54I Gusti Ayu Intan Saputra Rini, SE., MSi., Ak., CA.Batch 313-17 July 2020
55Ika Sari Wahyuni TDBatch 313-17 July 2020
56Kunradus Kampo, S.E., M.Si.Batch 313-17 July 2020
57Leonard Pangaribuan, S.E., M.M., M. Ak., Ak., CPABatch 313-17 July 2020
58Meco SitardjaBatch 313-17 July 2020
59Murniati, SE, MSi, AkBatch 313-17 July 2020
60Nera Marinda MachdarBatch 313-17 July 2020
61Prasetyono Hendriarto, S.S.T., M.Ec.DevBatch 313-17 July 2020
62Sauh Hwee TengBatch 313-17 July 2020
63Ahmad Basid, SE.,M.SiBatch 416-20 November 2020
64Anton Adventus Kacaribu, SE Ak, CA, MMPPBatch 416-20 November 2020
65Antonius Ragil Kuncoro, SST., Ak., M. AccBatch 416-20 November 2020
66Arung Gihna Mayapada, SE., M.Ak.Batch 416-20 November 2020
67Dewi Anggraeni S.E.,M.AkBatch 416-20 November 2020
68Dewi Fitriyani, SE., M.ScBatch 416-20 November 2020
69Dhaniel Hutagalung, S.H., S.E., M.H., M.SiBatch 416-20 November 2020
70Dian Widiyati, S.E., M.AkBatch 416-20 November 2020
71Dr. H. Suripto, S.E., M.AkBatch 416-20 November 2020
72H.Abdullah Saggaf.SE.M.SiBatch 416-20 November 2020
73Kazia Laturette,SE, Ak, M.Ak, CA, CTABatch 416-20 November 2020
74Longginus Gelatan, S.E., M.AkBatch 416-20 November 2020
75Marheni, S.E., M.SiBatch 416-20 November 2020
76Muhammad Rinaldi, S.E., M.Ak.Batch 416-20 November 2020
77Nur Aisyah, SE., M.AkBatch 416-20 November 2020
78Nurhayati Siregar, SE, M.AkBatch 416-20 November 2020
79Nurjanna.SE.M.AkBatch 416-20 November 2020
80Rahmaita, SE,M.SiBatch 416-20 November 2020
81Nurfadila NofiyantiBatch 416-20 November 2020

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GRI Standards Certified Training

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a non-governmental organization that develops and disseminates globally applicable voluntary Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. These guidelines has been developed through a multi-stakeholder process that incorporates the active participation of business, accountancy, investment, human rights, research and labour organizations from around the world.

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  • ICSP

    Institute of Certified Sustainability Practitioners

    The ICSP is a professional association reflecting and promoting the best in sustainability practice, research and reporting – all towards creating a momentum towards development which meets the needs of those living today without jeopardizing those seeking the same in the future.

    For both individual and organization members in business, academia and non-governmental areas, the ability to gain confidence among people who have a benchmarked certification along globally standard lines is a primary aim of the institute. In addition to building confidence in quality, the ICSP is aiming to set professional standards to help ensure that users and providers can be on the same page.

    About NCSR

    NCSR in Brief

    NCSR is the first independent organization to develop sustainability reporting in Indonesia and the first organization to introduce the term “sustainability report” in Indonesia.

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