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Briefing Session on ASRRAT 2022

Briefing Session on Asia Sustainability Reporting Rating 2022

After session the participants be able to prepare sustainability report that meet the requirement of GRI Standards and obey the regulation. This intensive session will introduce you to the elements of Asia Sustainability Reporting Rating. It empowers participants to improve their sustainability reporting using the GRI Standards.

This session is designed for sustainability report maker
and report users who want to participate in Asia Sustainability Reporting Rating.


Session 1: General

  • Journey of ASRRAT
  • Objective
  • Registration process
  • Awarding Ceremony

Session 2: Rating System

  • Criteria
  • Methodology
  • Judging Panel
  • Assessor
  • Assessment
  • Enabler technology
  • Recommendation from the Judging panels

Online Zoom or Face to face at 
Mercantile Athletic Club

Thursday, 03 February 2022 09.00 – 13.00

IDR. 2.000.000 per participant (online Zoom)
IDR. 3.000.000 per participant (offline)


  1. Please do online registration here
  2. Payments can be transferred to: Yayasan Pusat Nasional Laporan Keberlanjutan,
    Bank Central Asia, KCP Arkadia No. Account: 540.563.1234.
  3. Registration deadline 28 January 2022.
  4. Payments MUST be received on 31 January 2022 at the latest.
  5. Participants in one organization can exchange names without extra costs but needs to be provided in writing.
  6. No show on day of training will be charged full participants fee

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GRI Standards Certified Training

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a non-governmental organization that develops and disseminates globally applicable voluntary Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. These guidelines has been developed through a multi-stakeholder process that incorporates the active participation of business, accountancy, investment, human rights, research and labour organizations from around the world.

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    For both individual and organization members in business, academia and non-governmental areas, the ability to gain confidence among people who have a benchmarked certification along globally standard lines is a primary aim of the institute. In addition to building confidence in quality, the ICSP is aiming to set professional standards to help ensure that users and providers can be on the same page.

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